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3 Bitchy Chicks
Discussions on pet peeves, societal ills, man and women bashing, plus polls and related links.

All Things Girl
Online showcase of women's artwork, designs, poetry, writings, and photography.

Alligator Queen
A resource for all women wrestling alligators in their own lives.

Clover Coaching
I debug and upgrade people's inner human software so that the way they behave and interact with the world actually gives them the results they want.

Created by author Jennifer Louden. For and about women looking to restore and recharge their lives.

Crossing New Horizons
Celebrating womens unique qualities, this site on the internet honors women for their composition.

Death and Dying Grief Support
Dedicated to providing an upbeat approach to dealing with end of life issues.

Women working together to better themselves through reading, writing, art, and creativity.

Foundations for Living
If you were going to participate seriously in a sport, you would have a sports coach. In the same way a Life Coach can help you to achieve happiness and success in your life.

Friends Without Faces
Support site for women. Message boards, birthday calendar, postcards and sing-alongs.

Garden Plum
A virtual garden with a rant and rave, artwork, sprouts section for girls, contests, mentors, and fun.

Girls' Circle
Facilitator training for women or older teens to lead adolescent girls support groups to promote resiliency, self-esteem, healthy body image.

Goddess in the Groove
A site by women, for women of all ages and stages of life. Issues, stories, book reviews, and spirit.

Hope for Healing
A site for victims or survivors. Offers support through articles, newsletters, and chat.

How to heal a broken heart
Five steps to help heal a broken heart including the heart-repair calculator - a tool that shows how long it will take your broken heart to heal.

Through a disciplined and systematic process of Life Coaching Jane can help you improve your life balance, resulting in less stress and more fun.

Mama's Secrets
For women over 40, addressing their concerns with life, love and aging, hopefully with a humorous bent.

Marianne Craig
Do you ask yourself "Why do I work so hard, but have so little to show for it?"

My Daughter's Keeper, Inc.
Provides education, support and resources to mothers raising daughters ages 10-17.

Niagara Chapter of Native Women (NCNW)
Encourages native women to take their rightful place in society while remembering and honouring their unique cultural and spiritual beliefs.

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