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Women Jewelry Rules

When it comes to choosing jewelry for a special occasion or just for everyday use you should think thoroughly as jewelry is a peculiar object and requires good taste.

The most important thing is that you shouldn't wear two or more massive items at a time because it makes you look out of place and testifies your vulgarity. Then take into consideration that your face shape and hair style matter also, and the last thing is don't forget to take into account your age. Let's dwell on these rules a bit more.

The first thing, as it has already been mentioned, is that you shouldn't wear two or more massive items at a time. In other words, if you've put on a dramatic necklace then you should be very attentive to other pieces of jewelry; they must be discreet and elegant. Remember that a necklace is a perfect match for rings and a bracelet - for earrings. If one part of it is massive, then the second one should be refined and delicate.

The next thing is that you should take into consideration your face shape and hair style. For example, if you have a big face and massive features, then big earrings are quite ok, but if your features, on the contrary, are fine and your face is small, massive earrings will look out of place.

And the last thing but not the least is you should take into consideration your age when choosing jewelry. For example, mature women may choose any precious stones they like, while for girls it's more appropriate to wear corals, turquoise a-la russe (i.e. set in silver or gold). As far as the metals are concerned, then you are free to decide what to choose.

On the whole, make use of your intuition and sense of taste, you should know when to stop in any case. If you have doubts take a piece of advice from jewelry specialist.

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